‘The Eye Caw-tching Bird’ Short film (2015)


I created this piece while I was in my first year of animation at Sheridan college in 2015.

Developing different outfits for Mr.Crow was fun and I found that the dapper look suited him most, I remember being so satisfied with his design.

But doing the animation was a different story. I had the rough drawings planned out and sketched, but the night before it was due I was finishing up the final animation and Toon Boom crashed. I spent the whole night crying blood trying to redraw Mr.Crow so I had to go with a lineless style to complete it on time.

That’s how the nearly lineless style came about in the film, but 2 years later I think the simplicity sloppiness of it gives it more charm.

What do you think?

(This was also the very first animated video I made so be nice to 2015 me lol)

The Eye CAW-tching Bird from Stef Trivino on Vimeo.


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