InDesign Ad Assignment

The 3 ads assignment was the very first project I did in InDesign class. This project was meant to introduce us to InDesign’s tools and help us learn the fundamental rules to designing a letter sized ad.

The very first ad I worked on was a Disney animator recruitment ad. I looked at many Disney ads online and I noticed that most ads used the standard Disney font. I assume it was to have the reader automatically resonate with the ad and realize that “oh! This ad’s from Disney” and that alone can make the reader take interest and continue reading.
The second ad I worked on was the cintiq ad, at this point I figured out that product ads were the easiest to make versus one for careers. I pictured it as simplistic with the product smack dab in the center like a boring Apple product. I wanted it to looks clean and to the point. But then I realized I needed a sub header and a body of text so I wouldn’t get marked off lol.
Lastly the printer ad was my last ad that I felt most proud of. But it was mostly because of how much work I put into it. At first I had a triangle collage of pictures that branched out into a color wheel like manner that covered the whole page. That in itself took 2 hours to figure out. But then Patrick perceived it as cluttered so I downsized it to 6 images of landscapes in a ‘ROYBIV’ color arrangement.

I was pretty confident in my design choices prior to this first assignment since I illustrate diverse designs of characters, layouts, etc. on a daily basis. But after Patrick went over the different layout rules I discovered it wasn’t how unique an ad design must look but it must also follow a set of rules typography and design rules that I have yet to catch on to.

All in due time I guess!


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  1. Alyson Lion says:

    Stef, I think your ads are successful. The detail and care you put into each one is apparent. Great work and I look forward to seeing more.


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