Good VS Bad Design

OK so I was told that this “What makes good design or bad design?” assignment was supposed to be my first blog post. Whoops.

Whelp, here I go with my fourth blog post of the semester! Yaaaaay.

In my opinion, I love to eyeball design. I like the trial and error process of figuring out how I should present something. What’s the meaning behind what I’m designing?… I ask myself this everytime Im in the developmental stages of an art piece.

It’s something as an artist you have to ask yourself- if you want to intrigue your viewers into looking at the art you poured your heart and soul into.

Everything you place into your art should tell a story, the same with any design process.

You can be painting the most boring image, like a still life of an apple on a table for instance. But you as the artist can still convey your own choice of information into the scene to make it interesting. For example, there’s a streak of bright light shining over top the table and it gives the apple a radiant glow. That tells the viewer that it’s morning or early afternoon. If the apple has a bite in it and it’s been browned after sitting on the table for a few hours that may tell the viewer someone had a rushed breakfast.

It’s up to the designer to provide these fine important details and clues to the viewer. Because at the end of the day, it’s the design that speaks for itself.

Also I learned a valuable lesson in Typography yesterday that I’ll take to my design career grave. Eyeballing a piece of work and thinking it looks nice isn’t satisfactory to creating good design(sadly). It’s about having an understanding of rules that had been laid out before us by the design gods themselves – the typography rules. 

The rules give us reasons as to why a design would most likely look bad, or good. sometimes as an artist we lack the explanation of why feel like a design we created is visually pleasing. This is OK if we’re doing this for fun, but if we’re dealing with a client they’ll want to know why you believe your design is better when you know that their painfully rainbow comic sans and pixelated JPEG flier won’t fly visually. The rules are a hand holding parent to help guide the baby designer to their first steps through their baby projects and until we can wear our big kid designer pants without ruining our design project beds.

 Now let’s take this into another perspective. What makes bad design? 

It’s quite simple. Sacrificing legibility for aesthetic. I bet you’re wishing I explained what good design was that blunt. WELL it’s because I have a word limit lol.  

So remember- do; tell a story with your design, and follow the typography bible.Don’t; make things too complex that your reader can’t understand your ad. But these are just my opinion! What does does good and bad design mean to you? 

See you next time! 


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