Comic Con Event Poster


I’m back from my unannounced hiatus!

Let’s talk about my event poster project.

Toronto comic con is a annual March comic festival that boasts copious amounts of everything comic related you cab imagine. Comics, prints, games, plushes, limited edition merchandise, comic book creators, artists, voice actors and so much more. It’s truly a comic nerds paradise.

And what more visual stimulation would you need to attract a comic loving audience, other than a comic themed ad? The comic audience has a wide variety of ages and comic categories but generally they’re all interested in one thing, comics- so it wasn’t too difficult to come up with my poster idea (as you can see from my brainstorm sketched regurgitated all over my sketch book).

Later on I went about tracing my comic book girl off of an online reference. It didn’t take long either, it was the final poster design that took the most time. 

I had to specifically pick out design aspects that appealed to my comic loving audience, line the red and blue dominant color scheme could resonate with the viewers since it’s a commonly used color in super hero color schemes. And I was this👌close to using comic sans since I had the opportunity of a life time to use the font appropriately, but to salvage any marks that’d be taken off I went with the next best thing being Komika and Adventure. 


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