Animator Monthly Magazine✰

  And comes the end to my Indesign class for the semester. I learned all of the components I possibly could, and applied it to the best of my ability. What do you think? Would you pick it off a shelf on a magazine store? Do you think this would land me a job on…

Sell Sheet Assignment

I made my first ever sell sheet! And I’m rather proud of it. I initially hoped to put in more information, but less is most definitely more. I chose Brilliant Earth’s diamond jewelry as my sell sheet subject since their website was very clear with their company’s intentions on making sure they got the best…

Vector Portrait

Illustrator is still by far, my favorite class! I’m still learning a lot every class but I’m not struggling with the assignments. It’s a breath of fresh air after stressing over coding and other homework.

Comic Con Event Poster

I’m back from my unannounced hiatus! Let’s talk about my event poster project. Toronto comic con is a annual March comic festival that boasts copious amounts of everything comic related you cab imagine. Comics, prints, games, plushes, limited edition merchandise, comic book creators, artists, voice actors and so much more. It’s truly a comic nerds paradise….